How To Modify The Automatic Home Search In Chime

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Whenever someone does a search on, Chime will automatically record their search and begin sending property updates that match. However, often the lead creates a search that is too broad.  This means that their email inbox can be inundated with property updates that are really not relevant. When that happens, before long, the lead begins either to ignore the emails, unsubscribe to the property updates, or, even worse, their email software will flag all emails from that address as SPAM!  

For those reasons, it is a good practice for you to be sure that the automatic property updates that are being sent under your name really are relevant to what the lead wants to see. The best way to do that is to have a conversation with the lead where you assist them in defining exactly what they want to find and then adjusting their search so that only relevant properties are included. The following video will show you how to adjust the property search in Chime.

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Jim Ivy

Jim Ivy